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Augering machine

Augering machine is a machine for thin mineral beds extraction (coal, rock salt and others) by large-holes (0,5 – 2,7 m) drilling. Augering machine actuating device is fixed on a screw bore bit, it raises drilled over mineral from 40-70 m depth well.

Transport is loaded by augering machine itself. Augering machine mechanizes extraction processes, increases labour capacity and second working security, as it is an instrument of manless coal excavation and makes possible selective mineral work-out from complex layers reducing dilution (in comparison with excavator production), and coal extraction from open-pit sides that are beyond excavator reach. During extraction with augering machine there are strips of mineral left between the wells (up to 0,3 m width) resulting in heavy mineral resources losses (up to 40—50%).

Augering machine development is realized by working on boring speed and well depth increase, cutting time spent for secondary operations, remote control use. Multispindle mobile augers with electric drive can provide higher productivity.