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URB 2,5А


URB 2,5А Drill rig application

Technical characteristics of URB-2,5A drilling rig

  • Drilling depth, m (with 60,3 mm (2 1/2'') drill pipes)   200
  • Drilling depth, m (with 50 mm (2'') drill pipes)   300
  • Overall sizes of the rig, mm, no more...11200*2500*3800
  • Full mass of the rig, kg, no more...14730

Designation of URB-2,5A drilling rig

URB-2,5A is designed for water well drilling of deep (artesian) wells (for limestone), geophysical and structural wells up to 200 m with rotating drill pipes of 60,3 mm (2 1/2'') diameter and up to 300 m – with pipes of 50 mm (2'') diameter by flushing and also for drilling clustered wells with screws. Represents a complex of mechanisms mounted on a heavy duty chassis of KamAZ-43114 (6*6 wheel formula) or ZIL 131.

On a buyer's request the rig is completed with a tool block designed for carriage of drill pipes, drilling and fitting tools and also some other devices making a driller's job easier.

Main mechanisms of URB-2,5A drilling rig

Main transmission is driven by the cardan shaft from the power takeoff (PTO) box. Represents a shaft mounted on two bearing assemblies, on the one end of which a pulley of a mud pump V-belt transmission is freely placed, on the other – a pulley of the feeding mechanism drive is placed on the key. The pulley of the mud pump is driven by a half coupling, travelling along shaft splines. The pulley of the mechanism drive works all the time.

Drawworks is driven by the chain transmission from the gearbox. Two drums are installed on the general shaft. Each has an independent start (friction clutch) and brake. One drum is intended for holding up the tool while drilling, the other – for round trips. The two drums make connection and round trips of the tools faster and significantly easier.

Rotor – ordinary, with a bevel gear, located in an oil bath

Mast – a triangular, pipes welded, 4-roller crownblock is installed on the top platform. The mast is brought up and down with a hydraulic jack.

Feeding mechanism mechanizes a drilling process and also allows to make an emergency tripping out of the tool.

Mud pump NB32, driven by the main transmission of the rig with the help of V-belt transmission, provides a reliable flushing of drill wells.

The working place is illuminated by 3 lights at night, placed on the mast and powered from the truck accumulator.