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URB 2,5


Structure and Operation Principle of Drilling Rig

Kinematic Diagram

All URB2,5 drilling rig mechanisms are actuated by diesel engine via transfer box and gearbox being at 5th (direct) gear. Read more

Drilling Rig Travel Time Attributes

Travel Time Attributes of URB-2,5-KAMAZ Drilling Rig, engine crankshaft 2000-1500 min-1 .
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Power Takeoff Attachment (PTA)

One-speed double-shaft PTA with ratio i=1.6 is installed on the top hatch of vehicle transfer box. Pinion gear No.1 with two toothed rings is installed on the bottom axle of the transfer box. One of toothed rings (z=36) is in constant engagement with top shaft pinion gear (z=35) of the transfer box; the second toothed ring (z = 26) transmits rotation to sliding pinion No.2 (z=42) installed on splines of top shaft No.3. At shaft (3) outer end there is a safety clutch (4) with shear pin (5); cardan shaft No.1 is fastened to its end (Drawing 2).
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Main Transmission

On shaft No.11 (Drawing 4) arranged on two bearing supports (2 and 17) and on ball-bearings (No. 3 and 16) there is freely-set V-belt pulley wheel (9) of the pump drive; pulley (5) of feed unit drive is set on wedge key.
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The gearbox generates three different rotation speeds of rotary table and drawworks drums.
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URB 2,5A Drill rig gin

URB 2,5A Drill rig gin is equipped with two trommels placed on one shaft. One trommel is meant for tool support during drilling, the other trammel is for round-trip operations, shaft ends rest upon spherical bearings 4 (Drawing 6).
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Rotary configuration: standard type with bevel gear, located in oil bath. In case No.4 (Drawing 7) there is a rotary table (2) set on two similar radial-thrust bearings.
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Transmission of Bottomhole Feed Unit

The hollow shaft (6) is installed in the ball-bearings. Inner races are separated by bushing (5) and pressed by spring ring (2) set in the recess of the hollow shaft (Drawing 8).
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Feed Unit

Feed unit receives rotation from transmission via worm reduction gearbox No.1 (Drawing 9). From this worm reduction gearbox the rotation is transmitted through the tooth-type half-clutch (2) and sprocket (3) to the sprockets of feed unit chain drive.
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Mast is triangular, tubular, welded. At the top of the mast there is a quadruple crown block, where two rollers are intended for feed unit. Rollers diameter is 360 mm.
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Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system includes pump No.8 (Drawing 10) installed on the gearbox, dispenser (1), oil tank (4), hydraulic jack (5) and oil conduits. From the tank oil moves along conduit (9), sucked in the pump (8) and gets into dispenser (1) via conduit (7).
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The swivel is the intermediate part between rotating drill string and pump hose. The swivel consists of body No.6 (Drawing 13), spindle (3), oil seal housing (4), swivel bail (1) and swivel stem (5).
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Rig Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment function is: illuminating job site of rig crew, signaling to limit tool stroke, unsafe voltage alarm when the mast approaches power control line of Power Takeoff Attachment (PTA).
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Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system is designed for driving and control of some rig mechanisms. The pneumatic system is fed from vehicle pneumatic system.
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Pipes Uncoupling Mechanism

The mechanism is designed for drill pipes uncoupling during round-trip (Drawing 17). It consists of base (4) and guide (6) fixed at the top of the base. The fork (1) is freely mounted in the guide.
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Auger Drilling Unit

Auger drilling unit is used to drill group-wells of 4 meters for seismic surveys.
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