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URB 2,5А


Exploration Work Using URB 2,5А Drilling Rig

URB 2,5А Preparation for Exploitation

Check the level of lubricant in the gearbox, rotary, transfer box, worm reduction gearbox of feed unit and in the swivel prior to start exploration work and to run up new rig or rig which hasn’t been exploited for a long period of time. Thereupon lubricate all friction units according to the lubrication chart.

Raising of Mast

The following procedures should be performed before the mast raising:

  • unfasten the mast from the front stake and remove all things interfering with raising;
  • open buckles of the mast legs fixation to the frame, check security of attachment by U-bolt to the lower girth of the kelly bar with swivel;
  • make sure that the gearbox lever No.13 (Drawing 19) is set to the neutral position and rotary lever (10) is off. The lever No.11 must be on for the drawworks, the levers No.7 and 8 must be switched off. The levers No. 4 and 5 should be blocked (to prevent falling of swivel together with operating pipe); levers No. 6,9,3 must be switched off;
  • open two-three turns all valves of oil dispenser;
  • push the clutch pedal in the cab while the engine is working at low speed; switch on the fifth gear of the vehicle gearbox and toggle switch of transfer box. In this case all units of the drilling rig must be switched off or be at idle run; switch on the oil pump.

URB 2,5А Drilling Rig Control System

URB 2,5А Drilling Rig Control System, except some levers, is placed at the drillers station.

The control system includes (Drawing 19):
  • pedal No.2 mounted at the mast leg – controls engine friction;
  • gearbox lever No.13 – switches three transmissions;
  • rotary lever (10);
  • lever No.11 – controls drawworks drive and worm reduction gearbox;
  • levers (7 and 8) of frictions of the left and right drawworks drums;
  • lever No. 6 of feed unit friction clutches;
  • lever No. 9 – actuates the drilling pump;
  • lever No.3 - for engine gas control;
  • lever No.12 – controls mast raising pump;
  • toggle switch – controls the power takeoff attachment via vehicle engine.

Mast lowering

To lower the mast:

  • lift the swivel with the kelly bar and fasten them on the mast;
  • check the security of fixation and release the drawworks brakes (connect drill line end of the second drum to the mast);
  • release the screw of clamp fastening the mast legs to the rig frame then open buckle covers;
  • unlatch the clamp fastening the mast to the front legs;
  • remove all things that may hinder mast lowering;
  • set all the levers in the neutral position except lever No.19 which should be switched on for the drawworks;
  • release levers No.4 and 5 of drawworks brakes;
  • fully open the valves; the rest two valves must be closed;
  • check the oil level in the hydraulic system tank; if necessary add oil up to the lower mark of the probe;
  • disconnect the engine friction control cable from the pedal;
  • screw up the jacks installed in the mast legs so that the thrust bearing don’t hinder mast overturning;
  • actuate the engine and oil pump; slowly closing the valve No.10 increase the pressure to 1,5-2,0 mPa and maintaining it for 2-3 minutes check condition of the hydraulic system. When the troubleshooting is performed check the hydraulic system under pressure;
  • then open valves No.13, 14 and close valves No.10, 11. When closing valve No.14 increase the pressure to 1,0-1,5 mPa and check condition of cylinder cups and the pipe line of the upper cylinder part.