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URB 2,5А


URB-2,5A exploration works safety precautions

Drilling rig, its service and safety measures should be performed in accordance with “Exploration works safety precautions rules”.

Before URB-2,5A operating next procedure should be sticked to:

  • mechanisms make-and-break is allowed only when special clutches are switched off;
  • do not switch on lubricating oil pump when the gearbox is on and oil headers are off. It may cause pump breakdown;
  • lift the mast only with properly operating hydraulic system;
  • do not stay in a cab and under the mast during the lowering and raising of mast.

When you operate drilling rig do not run pump more than one minute without pumping with drilling liquid. It may cause cylinder piping and packing seal damage. Do not mount bearing ear against cuttings in the rotor table before screwing off no-go lower adapter. Do not switch on engine clutch with jerking movements and drawworks barrel frictions, as heavy mechanism overloading may occur.

Close reservoirs’ needled valve when the rig is overloaded to avoid air leakage from pneumatic system.
Before speeding up check if the torque transfer box is switched off (use a switch in the truck cab)

Max truck speed, km/h:

  • surfaced road - 50
  • earth-road - 30

Use a drilling rig only with high level alarm according to the diagram.
Do not drive the rig without fixing to the front support.