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URB 2,5А


URB 2,5A Drill rig lubrication

In time lubrication of friction assembly is very important for the rig mechanisms’ functioning. Torque transfer box casing, feeding of mud pump, reduction gearbox and feed mechanism of drilling tool transmission, rotor, gearbox and oil tank should be regularly lubricated.

Oil level should be higher of special level plugs and feed marks of the feeler pin.

Two upper feeler pin marks correspond to the least or to the most oil level when the mast is down. The two lower marks correspond to the level when the mast is up.

Used oil after expired time set according to the lubrication chart should be drained through drainage holes and changed with new. Individual lubrication is performed through special lubricating holes with a compression grease cup. After rig mechanism lubrication it is necessary to thoroughly clean parts  from flowed out oil to avoid  dust adherence to lubricating places. Lubrication intervals and used oil brands with instruction are given in lubrication chart.

Machine attendance and its lubrication should be done according to truck instruction, which is applied to the rig. It is important to remember that proper rig running extends its life and is cost-effective.

Lubrication chart of URB-2,5A on Kamaz chassis