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URB 2,5А


Rig Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment function is: illuminating job site of rig crew, signaling to limit tool stroke, unsafe voltage alarm when the mast approaches power control line of Power Takeoff Attachment (PTA).

All power consumers are powered by embedded network of KAMAZ-4310 having voltage 24V.

Electrical equipment is mounted according to the scheme (Drawing 14)

Drawing 14. Electrical Circuit.

SC – КОМ switch, А - unsafe voltage alarm, Е1,..,Е3 - lamps, S1 – lamp switch, У – КОМ electro-pneumatic valve, Р - rosette.

To provide good working conditions at night there are three lamps mounted on the mast (E1, E2, ЕЗ). Two lamps mounted at height 2.5 meters are used for tool travel illuminating. The switch S1 turns on and turns off all the lamps.

COH unit installed at the rear stake of the mast warns the staff by means of light or sound signals when the mast top approaches power line. In this case it is necessary to stop the work, to lower the mast and to move to another place where the safe rig operation is guaranteed.

The control of one-speed PTA is electrofluidic. It is realized by means of S4 switch mounted in the driver’s cab

Grounding device is the main protection measure from negative effect of induced static charge during lightning. When thunder-head is approaching the work must be stopped, the mast – lowered, ground electrodes must be pitched into the ground full-length.

Installation diagram of unsafe voltage alarm and grounding device:

1. Install ПА УСОМ amplifier-actuating console at the rear stake of the mast.

2. Install W УСОМ aerial near crown block at the mast (see View А,IV).

3. Fasten ПА console and W-aerial with fastening devices supplied together УСОМ alarm.

4. Connect ПА console with W-aerial and rig electrical equipment components according to the УСОМ alarm manual.

5. The cable from ПА console to W-aerial should be laid along the mast together with the wires for lamps (6). The replacement of some elements is acceptable.

7. Wires and cables should be mounted in metal pipes.

8. Make an eye at the place where wires run from the mast to the rear stake; it will provide free raise and lowering of the mast and wires integrity.

9. Wires length is specified during mounting.

10. Connection and fastening of all electrical equipment elements and PTA elements shall be performed in accordance with КОМ manual (see ZIL-131 manual) КОМ-1 131-4202010Б.