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URB 2,5А


Main Transmission

On shaft No.11 (Drawing 4) arranged on two bearing supports (2 and 17) and on ball-bearings (No. 3 and 16) there is freely-set V-belt pulley wheel (9) of the pump drive; pulley (5) of feed unit drive is set on wedge key.

Pulley No.9 is activated by half-clutch No.8 which moves along shaft (11) splines; the clutch is controlled by collar plate No.7 with the built-in ball-bearing. The ball-bearing is secured in the collar plate by cover; in the half-clutch hub – by ring nut No.6

Pulley No.9 is constantly on.

Pulleys are fixed to shaft sides by means of bolts tightening that transfer force via thrust washers (1 and 18), flanges, inner races of ball-bearings (3,13,16) and bushings (4,10,15).

Ball-bearing No.13 is fixed in the pulley by spring ring (12) and cover (14).

The line shaft ball-bearing is lubricated through pressure lubricators. Injected lubricant gets into spherical bearing then into the V-belt pulley hubs through the inner groove of lubricating bush.

Drawing 4. Main Transmission

1, 18 – thrust washers; 2, 17 – bearing supports; 3, 13, 16-ball-bearings; 4,10, 15 – lubricating bushes; 5 - feed unit drive pulley; 6- nut; 7 – collar plate; 8 – half-clutch; 9 - V-belt pulley wheel of the pump drive; 11 - shaft; 12- spring ring; 14 – cover