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URB 2,5А



Rotary configuration: standard type with bevel gear, located in oil bath. In case No.4 (Drawing 7) there is a rotary table (2) set on two similar radial-thrust bearings.

The bearings are compressed by the ring nut (7) with check-nut and the lock washer. The bevel pinion (3) is pressed to the rotary table, and fixed on two pins by 6 screws; pins are at an angle of 180°.

The bottom part of the rotary is equipped with steel cover (6) set in the clearance between bushing and liner welded to the above mentioned bushing. Due to it the lubricant remains in the rotary case and is protected from dirt. To prevent mud ingress into the case there is lock in the top.

The table is activated by gear-shaft (8) mounted on two bevel bearings, the outer races of which are pressed in the cage (9), the inner races are forced on shank end of the pinion gear and pressed by the ring nut with check-nut and lock washer. A bevel pinions engagement is adjusted by gasket set.

Lubricant is supplied to the rotary through the groove closed by filling plug (1); lubricant level is controlled through check plug (5).

Drawing 7. Rotary

1 – filling plug; 2 – rotary table; 3 – pinion gear; 4 – case; 5 – check plug; 6 - cover; 7 – ring nut; 8 – gear-shaft; 9 – cage