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URB 2,5А



The swivel is the intermediate part between rotating drill string and pump hose. The swivel consists of body No.6 (Drawing 13), spindle (3), oil seal housing (4), swivel bail (1) and swivel stem (5).

Steel swivel body serves as bearer for all mounted parts. The swivel is a cylinder with two diametrical pockets for the bail. In the body there are two pressed-in rolls for suspension of bail and guide rollers (2).

Spindle rotates on two thrust bearings and two frictionless journal bearings. At the bottom the spindle is sealed with oil seal to prevent oil leakage.

Drawing 13. Swivel.

1 - swivel bail; 2 – guide roller; 3 - spindle; 4 – oil seal housing; 5 - swivel stem; 6 - body

Lubricant for swivel bearings is liquid; it is supplied through the cover plug.

The swivel configuration is so organized that in case of mud stuffing box wear the liquid mud cannot get into the swivel body, as stuffing box is in the bottom of swivel and is separated from swivel body where the ball-bearings are placed.