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URB 2,5А


Transmission of Bottomhole Feed Unit

The hollow shaft (6) is installed in the ball-bearings. Inner races are separated by bushing (5) and pressed by spring ring (2) set in the recess of the hollow shaft (Drawing 8).

Drawing 8. Feed Unit Transmission

1, 4 - ball-bearings; 2 - ring; 3 - case; 5 - bushing; 6, 12 - shafts; 7 - pulley; 8 – middle disk; 9 - friction linings; 10 – front disk; 11 – rear disk; 13 - movable coupling; 14 - clevis; 15 - eye; 16 – special nut

Outer race of the left bearing is fixed in the cover collar by spring ring (2) set in the bearing housing recess

Outer race of the right bearing is free; due to it the expansion clearance is provided.

Cup-type seals are inserted in the covers so that to keep lubricant.

Pulley (7), which receives rotation from the main transmission, is fastened to the shaft (6) flange by screws. It (7) is provided with friction clutch. The friction clutch actuation sets in rotation the transmission shaft (12) and worm reduction gearbox of feed unit.

Friction clutch hub with rear disk (11) is installed in the shaft (12) mounted on 2 ball-bearings (1) that are in the shaft (6). Front pressure disk (10) is placed on the friction hub splines. Six spring studs, screwed in the front pressure disk, move front disk (10) from the middle disk (8) which has friction linings (9) on both sides. The rear disk (11) hub is equipped with special nut with eyes for 3 levers (15) wobbling on axles. The nut is locked by set bolt with washer.

For friction clutch actuation there is movable coupling (13) on the shaft. It (13) is pivotally connected with the lever (15) by eyes (14). Rotation is transmitted to the worm reduction gearbox via cardan shaft.