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URB 2,5А


URB 2,5А Preparation for Exploitation

Check the level of lubricant in the gearbox, rotary, transfer box, worm reduction gearbox of feed unit and in the swivel prior to start exploration work and to run up new rig or rig which hasn’t been exploited for a long period of time. Thereupon lubricate all friction units according to the lubrication chart.

It is recommended to lubricate sliding spline joints, clutches of cardan shaft, gear clutches, driving chains, hinge joints of control rods and drilling line.

Check the quantity and quality of oil in the hydraulic system tank; if necessary add or change it in accordance with season.

It is forbidden to dilute hydraulic oil with kerosene or solar oil, as this may damage cups of hydraulic system.

Check fastening of the rig frame to the vehicle frame, fastening of the mast racks, hydraulic jack frame and joint between vehicle and trailer. The fixation of drilling pipes and the trailer should be check.

On exploitation work site install the rig at the priori prepared plane area. Put pad devices under the rear tires to make rig more stable during well drilling.

After you have checked lubrication of friction unit proceed to install the mast in operating position.